ETERNERS: Technology IP Specialists

We can’t monopolize
the market,
but monopolize the technology.

We provide

The most
valuable proposition

ETERNERS is the special IP-Tech that specializes in the professional develop-ment and supply of monopolistic patented technologies with high potential for use in the near future by client companies.

We provide

The marketable
& monopolistic IP

ETERNERS implements its unique methodology to anticipate future technologies that will become indispensable for most users, as well as commercialization in the near future, by recognizing advancements in new technology and changes in user needs.


and discover IP Patents that are marketable & monopolistic in growth target markets.


the IP and constructs the technological elements required for implementing it, and register the IP patent.


the IP Portfolio

Core IPs
Sub IPs


the IP Patents

Licensing Out
Royalty Fee

ETERNERS produces

The Super IP Patents

ETERNERS offers the new alternative for patent disputes around the world. If you would like to have the super IP patents in business, please contact ETERNERS. And we will provide prompt feedback after reviewing your inquiry. If you want to email to us, please add the word of contact at ETERNERS domain contact